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24 y/o singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN

Bringing diverse individuals together through the influential power and vibrations of music has been Devin's core motivation as an artist. Devin aims to inspire a revolution of reconnection through the universal language of music and his longing for positive change.


We all go through challenging times in our lives, some more dark than others, but it’s important to remember that these times inevitably make us stronger in our own unique ways. In Devin’s case, depression was his biggest foe. Around the age of 9, Devin started to passionately pursue his interest in music and entertainment. With a little bit of luck, he caught and rode the wave of the revolutionary social media era, transforming his life at the age of 15 by accumulating a substantial following and going on nationwide tours. In and out of his small town in Illinois, he was living his biggest fantasy and dream of becoming a real-life “rockstar”.


Yet, beneath the spotlight, “Devin Hayes” became more of a character to sell to the world than a genuine human being. As Devin matured, he was hit with waves of confusion about who he was, what he wanted to be in the world, and who he wanted to be in his own life. Devin didn’t know Devin. In and out of the continuous, unclear, and unconscious pursuit of fame, an identity crisis would persist for years.

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In 2020, when the whole world came to a pause, so did he. That year was one of the best and worst years for Devin, as it forced him to look back on where he had come in his life, take a look in the mirror, and realize where he was heading. For the first time, he became aware of his self-built facade of success and fame. The self-developed patterns would interrupt his outward authenticity, and ultimately, his true connection with himself. The following decline in his online presence mirrored a decline in his self-worth, leading Devin into a profound era of reflection.


In the summer of 2021, the anger, shame, guilt, and hopelessness had compounded so much and so quickly that he began contemplating ending his own life. Even with the love and support he had from his deepest friends & family around him, the anxiety & darkness felt too much to bear. Thankfully, Devin’s story did not end there. He held on. Devin clung to the things that he couldn’t let go of. Through all of the self-doubt, he never stopped trying to find love for himself and in life. With patience and taking baby steps into prioritizing his mental health, the pain slowly started to fade, and he began to focus on the things that truly mattered to him. This dark period became his bright awakening, propelling him toward self-discovery and a more purposeful approach to his music career.

Beyond the conventional artist biography, Devin recognizes the importance of sharing these feelings and stories, as they are a large part of the journey in reconnecting with ourselves and each other once again.

Through openness and love, unity can be restored.

Looking ahead, Devin's artistry promises depth and resonance. He invites you to explore the transformative benefits of his art in your unique way. Devin strives to be an artist you can deeply resonate with, staying true to his goals of positive change and sharing the profound perspectives and lessons learned from his personal journey.

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